HENRICO COUNTY, Va. (WRIC) — Henrico County schools are going green and hoping to save on their energy bills, thanks to thousands of solar panels that will be installed on school roofs in the coming months.

More than 2,000 solar panels have now been installed on the roof of Highland Springs High School in Highland Springs. According to the Henrico County government on Facebook, the system is designed to provide approximately 35% of the school’s electricity needs.

These panels are not only expected to have an environmental impact but to make a positive impact on the county’s budget.

Over the next 25 years, the solar panels are anticipated to save Henrico $420,000 in electricity costs.

According to the Henrico County government, this is because solar power company Sun Tribe Solar is responsible for installing, operating, and maintaining the panel system. Sun Tribe Solar will sell the solar electricity back to the county at a rate that is lower than the cost of grid electricity. This is done at no cost to Henrico County or its taxpayers.

Highland Springs is not the end of Henrico schools going solar. This summer, there are also plans to install rooftop solar systems at Tucker High School in Henrico and the two-story Holladay Elementary School addition in Richmond.