HENRICO COUNTY, Va. (WRIC) — Hundreds of tenants at the Pointe at River City apartment complex now have court orders to leave their homes after their eviction protections were recently ended in a months-long legal battle.

“It’s stress man,” said Terry Braxton, a resident at the Pointe at River City apartments facing eviction.

Braxton told 8News he is wondering if and when he might be kicked out of his home. The apartment owners were granted possession of his property in court due to him not paying his rent. But Braxton says it’s not his fault they didn’t receive the money.

“I filed for rent relief, and they said I was approved for it,” Braxton said.

The Virginia Poverty Law Center is helping Braxton handle this dispute. They confirmed with 8News that his rent relief application was filed with Drucker and Falk property management but the property ended up in AION management’s hands. Braxton’s rent relief money didn’t.

Director Christie Marra of the Virginia Poverty Law Center said this is something residents in apartment complexes are unfortunately dealing with across the region.

“There are other situations across the state where we are seeing similar problems.,” Marra said.

Marra says there are at least two other complexes in Richmond alone where they’re battling this landlord turnover issue.

And as 8News has previously reported, when it involves large apartments it can lead to mass evictions in court. That’s when Legal Aid’s Justice Housing Attorney Louisa Rich steps in.

“The new landlord was not filling out their application or contacting rent relief and so we were dealing with rent relief applications being in limbo,” Rich said.

Recently Braxton received his rent relief funds. But he hasn’t heard from property management whether they’ll accept the money and let him stay at the property.

“By the grace of God,” Braxton said. “I gave it all over to him.”