HENRICO COUNTY, Va. (WRIC) — An investigation is underway in Henrico County after a juvenile male was killed in the parking lot of the Regency area Walmart Tuesday night.

According to authorities, Henrico Police were called to the Walmart on the 1500 block of North Parham Road for a report of a shooting. At the scene scene, officers and EMS personnel attempted life-saving measures, according to a release, but they were unsuccessful and a juvenile male victim was pronounced dead at the scene.

As of Wednesday evening, Henrico Police have not confirmed the identity of the victim. But loved ones told 8News that it was 17-year-old Durell Brown, Jr. who lost his life.

“My baby was the light of the world. He had the biggest smile and the warmest heart, and despite any rumors that may be out there floating about him, my baby was genuine,” Brown’s aunt, LaTisha Vaughan said. “He had a big heart, and he cared for everybody, even those who did him wrong. He turned the other cheek, and he was willing to resolve any animosity that was floating around him.”

Police have not released any suspect information at this time, but they are considering this incident to be a homicide. A police spokesperson on scene Tuesday night said that detectives were working closely with store officials to review security camera video and determine what took place.

“It’s just unfair that I don’t have answers about what happened to my child,” Vaughan said. “Anything that could be remembered about him is that he loved life and he lived it to the fullest, and he will always be remembered. That’s a person that no one can ever forget.”

Tuesday’s shooting came one week after a deadly mass shooting at another Virginia Walmart. But authorities said there is no reason to believe the two incidents are related.

“Sooner or later — it’s like a pot of water — it’s going to boil over if something doesn’t happen to intervene,” security consultant and former police chief Mike Jones said. “A lot of people don’t know how to talk to other people anymore, and that’s the real tragedy. That’s a mental health issue, compounded by the inability to release their frustrations.”

Authorities have not released details about what led up to Tuesday’s shooting.

A Walmart spokesperson said that no one involved in the incident was employed by the retailer.

“Parking lots are the Wild West of the retail market. So you need to be very careful when you go in there, especially this time of year,” Jones said. “Take those extra few seconds to look around. Familiarize yourself with your environment and who and what is out there.”

Jones noted that parking lots are not designed for security. Although many have cameras in place, as was the case at the Regency area Walmart where Tuesday’s shooting occurred, he said those are more for evidence than crime prevention.

“People come there and they exchange children for custody; they sell items of all kinds, legal and illegal; abandon cars; friends meeting up — not all pernicious activities,” Jones said. “Don’t always hunt for that first space near the door. Not a single active shooter has ever entered a building through the window or wall.”

Authorities said that Tuesday night’s shooting appeared to be isolated. But Jones said consumers should always be aware of their surroundings.

“One of the most important safety measures is sitting on your shoulders: your mind,” Jones said. “There’s this unknown connection where you will see one shooting happen and then another and another and another over a period of weeks. Then, it goes silent again. […] Know where your exits are. Have an emergency plan.”

Anyone with information about Tuesday’s shooting is asked to contact Detective C. Henry at 804-501-4829.