HENRICO COUNTY, Va. (WRIC) — A man was arrested at Richmond International Airport for attempting to carry a loaded gun onto his flight earlier this week.

On Monday, November 15, Transportation Security Administration (TSA) officers at RIC prevented the man from carrying his .22 caliber handgun loaded with 10 bullets onto his flight.

The gun was detected in the X-ray machine in his carry-on items at the security checkpoint alongside another magazine that was loaded with 10 bullets.

This handgun was detected by TSA officers among a passenger’s carry-on items at Richmond International Airport on Nov. 15. (TSA photo)

TSA alerted police to respond to the checkpoint and confiscate the handgun. The man was arrested, who is a resident of Montana, facing a weapons charge.

In addition to the arrest, he is also facing a stiff federal financial civil penalty for bringing a loaded gun to an airport security checkpoint.

Firearms stopped by TSA at Richmond International Airport security checkpoints:

(As of Nov. 15)
Richmond International Airport Guns at Checkpoints101814142217
Graph and information provided by TSA (RIC)

*Significantly fewer passengers due to the pandemic.