HENRICO COUNTY, VA. (WRIC) — A Newport News man was cited by police after Transportation Security Administration officers found a loaded .40 caliber handgun in his carry-on bag at Richmond International Airport.

According to TSA, the man was going through the security checkpoint at the airport on Monday, Oct. 3 when the bag triggered an alarm as it went through the x-ray machine. TSA officers found the gun and called police, who confiscated it and cited the man with a weapons violation.

According to TSA, the gun pictured was found by TSA officers in a carry-on at Richmond International Airport on Monday, Oct. 3. (Photo: TSA)

The .40 caliber pistol was loaded with four bullets, including one in the chamber.

“Our TSA officers are good at their jobs and I appreciate the work that they do every day, remaining focused on our mission by keeping dangerous items off the aircraft,” said Robin “Chuck” Burke, TSA’s Federal Security Director for the airport. “Hopefully, this will serve as a reminder to other gun owners to check their carry-on bags to ensure that they do not have a firearm or any ammunition among their carry-on items when they travel by air.”

This is the 16th gun found in security at Richmond International Airport so far in 2022. According to TSA, 86% of the guns found last year in airport security nationwide were loaded.