HENRICO COUNTY, Va. (WRIC) — Students and parents in a Henrico neighborhood learned shocking news at the start of this school year. 

At the corner of East Berry Street and South Wilson Way in Henrico, several students from both middle and high school stand and wait for the bus. 

The home next to the bus stop has an electric fence around the yard, just a few inches away from where students wait.

The man who put the fence up did not post a sign on the fence to warn the children, which prompted a call to Henrico Police. 

“It’s insane,” said one resident who didn’t wish to share her name. 

The corner looked more like a crime scene rather than a school bus stop on Tuesday. 

“Someone said it was electric, I was like whoa,” said another concerned parent.  

Bryan Tucker says he put the electrical fence around his yard because he grew tired of students trespassing and leaving trash on his property. He assumed the fence would keep the children away. 

“I’m not in charge of other people’s children,” said Tucker. “I’m not directing other people’s children what to do. All I can do is protect myself and that’s why I’ve got a fence up.” 

Neighbors thought the fence was extreme and felt compelled to call the police. Henrico Police called Public Works, hoping to figure out whether or not the fence encroached on a county easement. 

“Show me what’s the truth, you know everybody’s just giving me different words,” said Tucker. 

Tucker does not plan to give in, claiming no trespassing signs do little to deter children from staying away from his yard. 

“It says no trespassing for any purpose,” said Tucker. “Strictly forbidden. Violators will be prosecuted.” 

Parents were outraged after hearing the news and called the police.

“What you don’t like kids?” asked Wayne Milby. “Me, I’m a parent and I don’t want any children to get electrocuted.” 

Henrico County determined the fence was on an easement, which makes it illegal. Tucker was asked to take the fence down but he is allowed to put it back up if he keeps the fence at his property line. 

Tucker’s property line is well away from the bus stop.