HENRICO COUNTY, Va. (WRIC) — The Henrico County office of Virginia Cooperative Extension is offering help Henrico residents with their landscaping and lawns this growing season.

Enrollment in SMART Scapes is now open. For a small fee of $10, a master gardener will come to your house and provide guidance on the best practices for planting.

Master gardeners will put together reference materials for each garden, including a map and information on things that have been planted already. A soil test will be done and the master gardener will determine the best spot in the garden for each plant based on light exposure, rain and drainage.

Guidance on planting, pruning and mulching will be provided, as well as the book “Native Plants for Virginia’s Capital Region: Plant RVA Natives a Capital Idea!”

SMART Lawns offers a similar service. For $30, a master gardener will visit your home, analyze the lawn and prepare a plan for improving its health and appearance.

The deadline to sign up for SMART Scapes is Friday, Oct. 14 and the deadline to sign up for SMART Lawns is Monday, Aug. 15. Interested Henrico residents can sign up by calling 804-501-5160 or by clicking here for SMART Scapes and here for SMART Lawns.