HENRICO COUNTY, Va. (WRIC) — If you’ve been waiting weeks for your recycling items to be picked up, you’re not alone.

The Central Virginia Waste Management Authority has a recycling program that serves about 275,000 homes in the Richmond-metro area. In the past few months, the company has been experiencing major delays with recycling collection. The delays lasting up to four weeks for some residents.

Patrick Fortune checked the CVWMA’s website Wednesday morning to find out that his bins won’t be picked up until February.

“I checked online and it said it would be delayed for another two weeks, so that’s a whole recycling cycle,” he said. “I guess I’ll have to throw all that in the trash unfortunately.”

His neighbors and many others in the Authority’s service area put their overflowing bins on the curb Wednesday, too.

Some bins were so full, items couldn’t even fit.

Jenna Desteph said this problem has been ongoing for the past few months.

“It does pile up and it’s not fun having recycling piling up inside the house, on the curb and where I keep it.”
She said she never knows when to take her bins to the curb anymore, so she follows her neighbors.

“You just keep putting the recycling in the bin hoping one day they’ll eventually get there and grab it,” said Desteph.

Kim Hynes, the authority’s executive director, said workers are in various stages of recovery from COVID-19. Several outbreaks among workers casued delays to have just months after catching up from collection delays in September.

“Once we get past this COVID surge, then we should be back on track,” she said.

Hynes said they work with contractors for daily updates and consult with local governments for plans. CVWMA also notifies residents of any changes on their website and social media, said Hynes.

“The snowstorms we had at the beginning of the year and, as usual, the extra that’s been out on the curb since the holidays, so kind of all those things factor into the significant delays we’ve been experiencing,” Hynes said.

They are taking the next couple of weeks to catch up and should be back on schedule by the week of February 7th.