HENRICO COUNTY, Va. (WRIC) — The Henrico County Police Division received more than a dozen reports of car thefts at Deep Run Park in the last 60 days.  

Police told 8News that some cars reportedly had their windows smashed, and others showed no signs of outside damage.

Michael Buzzard, who lives in the area, said he was a victim of a car break-in and theft recently.

“The interior light was on in the car,” he said. “The door was shut, but the trunk was open.”

He said his car doors were locked, but that didn’t stop thieves from targeting his car twice last year. The thieves took his black powder gun and took many other valuables from his neighbors’ cars.

“Oh, they’re going to get caught 100%,” Buzzard said. “They are brazen and our neighborhood came together to form a neighborhood watch.”

Melissa Singh, who often goes to Deep Run Park with her family, said the car thefts aren’t anything new. Singh said the thieves have made off with people’s wallets, purses and cell phones, among other things.

“I know last summer someone who left their diaper bag in their vehicle, and she came back. Windows were smashed and the diaper bag was taken out,” she said.

Singh said she still feels safe bringing her family to the park, but she’s going to change up her routine but taking everything out of the car from now on.

“Something needs to happen for it to stop because it’s getting worse,” she said.

Will McCue with Henrico Police has a warning for parkgoers who want to keep themselves and their belongings safe.

“Anywhere in that park, this kind of thing can happen whether it’s in front of the camera or not,” he said. “Make sure all your items are tucked away, take it with you or hidden in your car and that your car is locked when you leave it.”

Henrico police said they’re working with Henrico County Parks and Recreation to continue doing their usual police patrols around the area.