HENRICO COUNTY, Va. (WRIC) — Surveillance footage from August exposed a bizarre crime in Henrico County that puzzled many in the community. Cameras recorded a person wearing a TV mask leaving vintage televisions on front lawns and porches in the county’s West End.

While no arrests have been made, investigators now believe they are one step closer to figuring out who’s responsible.

“It’s a very weird case,” legal analyst Russ Stone said.

Surveillance cameras captured someone walking up to Henrico homes during the overnight hours of Aug. 11 and dropping off vintage televisions. The person in the video can be seen wearing a TV mask.

Court documents reveal Henrico police served a search warrant at a home in the Twin Hickory neighborhood after they received a tip about a possible suspect living in the area.

“It certainly doesn’t appear to be any maliciousness going on,” Stone told 8News.

More than 50 old TVs were left in front of homes in the Hampshire neighborhood. Court documents reveal police received a tip about a 19-year-old man with social media posts wearing a similar TV mask as the one seen in the video.

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Documents also show Goochland County deputies found the same 19-year-old hanging out near S.B. Cox, a business that had recently been burglarized.

Thirty older TVs, as well as a work uniform shirt similar to the one seen in the videos from August, were found inside S.B. Cox.

Henrico police searched where the teen lives in late August. He reportedly denied dropping off the televisions but admitted to having a similar work shirt that was shown in the video.

The person found responsible could face charges of dumping trash, trespassing and wearing a mask in public. Stone explained that the charge for wearing a mask in public could result in prison time.

“It’s a felony offense that carries up to five years in the penitentiary,” he told 8News. “It’s a statute that does not require malicious intent.”

Court documents also revealed that the teen’s sister admitted to dropping off old style televisions outside Deep Run High School last month. No charges were pursued in that case.

“Police are still trying to build their case. They may not feel that they have a chargeable case,” Stone said. “That may be because the mask did in fact conceal the person’s identity.”