HENRICO COUNTY, Va. (WRIC) — Quioccasin Middle School principal and staff gathered at a makeshift memorial Monday afternoon to share their memories of Lucia Bremer.

13-year-old Bremer was killed Friday afternoon when she was walking home with another young girl. A suspect was arrested and charged the following day with second-degree murder. Henrico’s Commonwealth’s Attorney Shannon Taylor confirmed the suspect is 14 years old. His name has not been released to the public because of his age.

Middle school principal Melanie Phipps said it has been a very unusual and sober day at school.

“We are all leaning on each other and that was very evident today in the school building,” Phipps said, breaking down in tears.

Phipps said that the one thing she would like people to remember about Bremer was the way that she made everyone feel.

“She was very comfortable in her skin. She went out of her way to make others feel important and a part of the community and school,” Phipps said.

Phipps said that Bremer was always hanging around her and a couple of other Science teachers in then morning near the bus ramp.

“One of my favorite interactions with Lucia was actually sitting on the ground in the library with her and the other gurus and they were getting ready to present at a conference,” Phipps said. “I remember looking over at my ILC Aaron Daniel and my mouth was just dropped. I couldn’t believe the words that were coming out of her mouth. She was just brilliant.”

Phil Markowski, a soccer coach at Quioccasin Middle School, said they will be celebrating Bremer during this year’s season. He said this will let people know how much she meant to the school.

“She didn’t start but she was in every game and she was giving me everything she had — giving us everything she had every game,” Markowski said.

Markowski was also Bremer’s social studies teacher.

“The first day she sat in my class, we bonded immediately. She’s just that kind of person,” he said.

Soccer coach
Phil Markowski, Lucia Bremer’s soccer coach, said this year’s games will be played in her memory. (Photo: 8News)

Phipps said that school counselors are available in-person and online for students who are having a hard time grappling with the death of Bremer.

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