Henrico women say ‘killing grandma’ murdered their cousin

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Two Henrico women are sharing a tragic family story with anyone who will listen.

Their cousin was murdered earlier this month and police say a Minnesota grandmother did it.

56-year-old Lois Reiss is making national headlines after allegedly killing her husband in March and Pam Hutchinson in April.

Detectives believe Reiss targeted the former Virginia Beach woman to steal her identity.

“I kind of just sort of hear Pam saying listen, I’m fine here guys. I’m doing just fine but really you need to try and find this lady before she does it to somebody else,” explains her cousin Tarus Woelk.

Adds cousin Daniele Jeffreys, “I don’t want another family to be having to do these interviews because they’ve lost a member because the woman wasn’t caught and another person died.”

There is a nationwide manhunt underway for the suspect whose gambling problem, police say, earned her the nickname ‘Losing Streak Lois.’

Investigators contend Reiss shot and killed her husband then forged his checks for thousands of dollars.

They describe how Reiss then headed south with a stop at an Iowa casino before she reached Florida.

Surveillance video shows the moment she met Hutchinson at a Fort Myers oyster bar.

“With this woman being a gambler, I mean it’s like she hit the jackpot in finding the perfect target,” says Jeffreys.

Her cousins describe Hutchinson as an outgoing and social person who moved from Virginia Beach to Florida a few years ago after her divorce.

Detectives believe the suspect targeted Hutchinson to steal her identity. Reiss was last spotted driving the victim’s car near Corpus Christi, Texas.

“I think like anybody, you want justice for something that’s happened. Pam did absolutely nothing to deserve this,” explains Woelk. 

“I think she’s really lost it. I feel for her. Addiction’s a terrible thing,” adds Jeffreys, “Whether it’s a drug, whether it’s gambling, whether it’s whatever it could be, it’s all consuming and it will take your life.”

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