‘Holy bananas it hurt so badly’: Richmond radio host Melissa Chase shares shark bite experience

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courtesy of Melissa Chase’s Facebook page

(WRIC) — Melissa Chase, local radio personality and half of the “Melissa & Jack” Morning Show on 103.7 Play, said she was bitten by a shark while on vacation at Sunset Beach, N.C., with her family. Chase shared the experience Wednesday on Facebook.

“Well it was my my fault for going too far out in the ocean,” Chase wrote, “but I got bit by a shark on vacation this week! Yes, for real. It was a baby one and I’m fine now but holy bananas it hurt sooo badly!

Chase explained that she was jumping waves at the beach and due to the water not being very high, she didn’t notice how far she actually was from the shore.

“Again – we should not have been out as far as we were. Having a great time jumping waves and being silly when I felt something rubbery slide between my legs and bump me,” she wrote on Facebook. “I knew right away it was a shark but didn’t have enough time to react before it bit down on my ankle.”

After getting bit, Chase says she instantly thought about getting her children out of harm’s way. Her 10-year-old was next to her and her 6-year-old was a few yards away and she began plotting a way to get them out of the water.

“I yelled to my oldest that I got pinched by a crab and we had to get out of there quickly so she wouldn’t get bit (I was worried if I told her the truth that it was a shark she’d panic and try to climb on to me and that would bring her closer to danger) and screamed for the others to come out with us. We ran into shore and our friend who is a nurse (thanks Grace!) helped get the bleeding under control,” Chase continued.

Chase said she was treated at the hospital and given multiple shots and that an x-ray was taken. She said the hospital confirmed it was indeed a baby shark that bit her.

“They call them ‘pups,'” Chase wrote.

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