Lack of no parking signs in Fan District causing cars to block traffic, get towed

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RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — Residents are hoping the city of Richmond shifts gears on the lack of parking signs in the Park Avenue area of the The Fan, after several cars blocked traffic and eventually got towed.

Locals who reside on Park Avenue say they’ve “never seen anything like it.”

“Seems like a common-sense issue not to park in the middle of a traffic lane,” said Lindsy Doyle. “So, hopefully, they’ll make it more of a clear issue that you can’t park here.”

Worry is building around the area after multiple people illegally parked on the travel lane Monday, causing some of their cars to be towed.

“I’ve lived here on and off for the last five years and we’ve never seen anything like it,” Doyle added. “It was a safety hazard, there were cars going head-on playing chicken essentially.”

Doyle told 8News it started with one person and then escalated as more began blocking the roadway. While police were notified, nothing was done.

“We had three officers come and tell us there was nothing illegal about what was being done,” Doyle said. “The cars were pulled over as far to the right as they possibly could be and so legally they couldn’t do anything.”

Once a fourth officer arrived a little past 10 p.m., the cars were ticketed and then eventually towed.

Residents, however, believe a simple solution can fix this reoccurring problem.

“Add no parking signs,” Doyle said. “That would probably help.”

Officials with the city’s Department of Public Works told 8News more there will likely be no signs added to the street because parking in a travel lane is prohibited: “Parking is not allowed in the travel lane or in the area between the sidewalk and the roadway or on the sidewalk.”

But Doyle says that is not enough.

“They need to use the money that we’re paying in taxes to put the city signs up so that everyone is clear on what the parking laws are because it’s become very apparent that they just don’t know or they just don’t care and they know they can get away with it.”

Residents add that drivers who have parked on the roadway in the past were either moved or ticketed.

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