RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — The last building in Phase 1 of Creighton Court demolition was knocked down on Wednesday, marking an early end to phase one of the Richmond Redevelopment and Housing Authority’s (RRHA) plan to update and revitalize the East End community.

RRHA’s “Creighton Court Transformation” plan involves transforming the complex and its surrounding areas in the East End into a mixed-income community. The new community will feature 600-700 apartments and homes with varying levels of affordability, as well as public spaces like playgrounds and parks.

Demolition began for phase one around Memorial Day. Phase one was initially expected to last until August 2022.

RRHA has previously cited its reasons for demolishing Creighton Court, mainly highlighting that the complex, which was one of Richmond’s oldest public housing complexes, no longer met current building code requirements and had numerous health and safety concerns.

Families who lived in the buildings that were part of the phase one demolition plan were previously relocated, with many residents moving into the “build-first” housing that was constructed in the East End prior to Creighton Court demolition.

The upcoming phases of the transformation plan will be finalized later this year.