HENRICO COUNTY, Va. (WRIC) – At least nine volunteers with the Virginia Red Cross headed out to Kentucky Monday to help those affected by the devastating tornadoes.

Some of the volunteers drove there in three emergency response vehicles from Richmond, Norfolk and Lynchburg.

Richmond area volunteer Ned Worman left Richmond around 9 a.m. Monday morning in an emergency response vehicle headed to Kentucky, where he will be for two weeks.

Worman said the plan is to check in at the Red Cross headquarters at Kentucky Dam Village State Resort Park.

He picked up another volunteer in the ERV in Charlottesville on his way to Kentucky. Jonathan McNamara with the Virginia Red Cross said the nine volunteers are leaving from every corner of the state.

There are multiple people on standby, but currently, McNamara said one volunteer each has deployed from Richmond, Norfolk, Charlottesville, Fredericksburg and two volunteers have left Lynchburg headed towards the devastation.

He said one more volunteer from Richmond left for Kentucky Monday afternoon. He said two mental health case workers from Fredericksburg also left for Kentucky around the same time.

“We’re anticipating that this is going to be a multi-week or multi-month response,” he said.

Worman will bring hot meals and supplies to Kentucky shelters and may come home afterwards to be able to see his kids for Christmas.

“These people went from just sitting back in their chairs getting ready for Christmas to absolute total destruction,” he said, describing the devastation in Kentucky.

McNamara confirms the Red Cross has already sent more than 200 blood products to the areas affected by the tornadoes.

However, he said one way people can help is to donate blood because he said supply is still at a 10-year low.