CHESTERFIELD COUNTY, Va. (WRIC)– The Forest View Rescue Squad is first on the scene when there’s an emergency. They respond to any 911 call that a paid agency would, like fires and shootings.

Mary Kenzakowski, Vice President and riding member, has served on the Forest View Rescue Squad for five years. The group serves certain areas of the Chesterfield community.

“We do provide some essential prehospital care for those patients, so it can increase their likelihood of survival if it were something critical,” she said.

Members of the squad sprung into action Wednesday afternoon to respond to a call. Kenzakowski drove the ambulance to scene, hoping for a positive outcome.

“It’s like five seconds and then you’re in the ambulance,” she said. “The time kind of stands still, but moves really quickly at the same time.”

Last week, the crew responding to a deadly shooting near the Your Place Sports Bar. They also were at the scene of Monday’s house fire along Flynn Road where two children died.

“I’ve personally run a few pretty difficult calls and sometimes the dispatch notes you kind of know it’s going to be a bad one,” Kenzakowski said. “Sometimes you have to put on a bulletproof vest and so when you get those calls your heart is racing.”

While on scene, the squad provides intensive breathing treatments, splinting and controls bleeding. While crews act as a lifeline to a community that needs help, the Forest View Rescue Squad also needs support.

“We’ve been trying really hard to get a peer support team within our organization because we’ve been seeing an uptick in some more severe calls,” Kenzakowski said. “Some more upsetting calls.”

The nonprofit is looking for more people to sign up and volunteer and for donations. You can find more information here.