LOUISA COUNTY, Va. (WRIC) – Louisa County was hit hard by the winter storm Monday, with as much as eight inches of snow and icy slush covering the roads.

Overturned cars, drooping power lines and downed trees covered Route 33 as an 8News crew made its way through Louisa.

Drivers struggled to try and get to the Louisa courthouse from the east on Monday. There were dangerous conditions along Route 33, making it almost impossible for people to navigate.

Monday morning, a tree fell across Route 33, blocking the road. Trees weighed down by snow could be heard snapping above. Several residents used chainsaws and brought a tractor in to move the debris themselves.

A local fire department responded to a Jeep, flipped over in the snow and slush in a ditch off the side of Route 33. Caution tape was seen hanging from the vehicle.

Jamie Scott and her boyfriend said they just bought a house in Bumpass about a year ago. She said the winter storm brought a tree down on her house, but she wasn’t sure of the extent of the damage it left behind.

Scott said she’s never seen the snow as bad as it was Monday.

“It was 70 degrees yesterday. It’s insane, it’s mind-blowing,” she said. “We did not think it was going to be this bad. We don’t even have salt for our house or anything.”

Scott said she’s lucky she made it back home from work Monday morning in Henrico, after seeing multiple trees that fell on Route 33.

“We were driving up on 33 and we saw that one tree fall and I said stop. So we stopped and as soon as he stopped, the other one fell,” she described.

8News crews noticed several cars, bumper to bumper, on two-lane country roads in Louisa like Route 33, despite the thick snow and slush.

A spokesperson with the Virginia Department of Transportation said the best thing you can do during a bad winter storm is stay home, especially when the snow and slush are expected to freeze overnight.

The snow stopped around 2 p.m. in Louisa and the sun came out to begin melting what had accumulated.