LOUISA COUNTY, Va. (WRIC) — Louisa drivers can now get extra help keeping their car’s lights maintained, thanks to the Louisa Police Department partnering with the nonprofit program “Lights On!”

The Louisa Police Department is the first law enforcement agency in Virginia to introduce the Lights On! program to its community. Lights On! is a non-profit organization that pays up to $250.00 to help drivers make lighting repairs to their vehicles. No taxpayer funds are used in the program.

According to a statement by the department, about 20% of Louisa’s residents live at or below the poverty line. Because of this, Louisa Police often encounter residents who cannot afford to properly maintain their headlights and taillights.

Now, through the Lights On! program, residents can not only avoid tickets and fees for not having functioning headlights and taillights, but can receive the resources to repair these issues. If a Louisa Police officer stops a motorist and notices their lights need repairs, the officer can give the driver a repair voucher instead of a summons.

These repairs vouchers can be redeemed at a local participating auto repair shop. Currently, two auto repair shops are participating program. These shops are Kenny’s Central Auto Center, located at 204 East Main Street, and Haymaker Auto Repair, located at 17435 Louisa Road.

The Lights On! program now has community partnerships in 16 states.