LOUISA COUNTY, Va. (WRIC) — The sister of Jacob Whaley, the Louisa County man who went missing on Monday, has confirmed with 8News that his body was found by members of a civilian search party. The Louisa County Sheriff’s Office then alerted the rest of their family about Whaley’s death.

Whaley went missing Monday night after his truck went into a ditch on his way home during the snowstorm. Whaley told family members he would walk the remaining six miles home.

The last time family members heard from Whaley, he texted them at 8:45 p.m. to tell them he was lost.

The family quickly notified the Louisa County Sheriff’s Office that they had lost contact with Whaley.

His mother, Shannon Whaley, said her son’s body was found near Greens Corner Road, miles away from their home.

Shannon Whaley told 8News that when she contacted the sheriff’s office, they told her that they wouldn’t send anyone to look for him because his truck was found in Hanover County.

“I’m so angry with this county,” Shannon Whaley said. “All they had to do was go out and holler for him.”

She said the search party came out to help and do what the sheriff’s office didn’t do.

Whaley’s sister, Angela Whaley, said “Louisa County let him freeze to death.”

She said she was in shock and devastated over her brother’s death.

“Because of their refusal to do their jobs my parents have to bury another kid,” Angela Whaley said.

Whaley went missing in an area where three counties meet — Spotsylvania, Louisa and Hanover. A tracking service called Life 360 showed his last location as Louisa County and his truck was found in Hanover County. However, the county to eventually report him missing was Spotsylvania County.

According to the Spotsylvania County Sheriff’s Office, Whaley’s truck was found abandoned shortly after 3 a.m. on Tuesday, Jan. 4, on Mt. Olive Road in Hanover County. The location is one-tenth of a mile from the Spotsylvania County line, they said. They confirmed the location using a deputy’s in-car camera.

The Spotsylvania County Sheriff’s Office said that the Whaley family reached out to them at 2:30 p.m. on Wednesday “after unsuccessful attempts with Hanover and Louisa County to have Mr. Whaley entered as missing.” The sheriff’s office said they met with the Whaley family on Wednesday evening in Spotsylvania and took a “courtesy report.”

The sheriff’s office said “there was no jurisdictional grounds for us to investigate” based on the evidence at the time. They said that the other two counties were notified of the missing persons report.

The Spotsylvania Sheriff’s Office said their deputies were sent to search Mt. Olive Road where Whaley’s truck was found on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday but no one could find him.

The sheriff’s office did not have any information on search efforts from the other two counties.