LOUISA COUNTY, Va (WRIC) — With more than 2,000 Rappahannock Electric Cooperative customers still without power a week after Monday’s winter storm, one non-profit in Louisa County has been running non-stop around the clock to help.

The Louisa County Resource Council (LCRC) has served hundreds of people in need of food and water after their power has been out for days. The council’s executive director, Lloyd Runnett, said LCRC has been running in emergency operations.

“We were open yesterday for a little more than two hours and served I think over 40 families just yesterday, on a Sunday afternoon,” Runnett told 8News in an interview Monday.

Louisa resident James Sacre was at LCRC picking up food for him and his wife Monday.

“We’ve been without power for that week, six days,” he said.

Sacre blames the prolonged outage on the mess the storm left behind.

“It’s not the power company, it’s just all the weather damage,” he said. “I feel for those men out there working.”

Sacre and his wife got power back Saturday, but on Friday, his generator broke down.

“[I] started it up. [I] walked from there to the porch and it just quit,” he said.

Runnett said Monday’s winter storm was worse than what he’s seen in the past.

“This is very unusual and probably one of the worst events we’ve had in many, many, many years,” he said.

Runnett’s home under Rappahannock Electric still doesn’t have power but he said he’s thankful for what the linemen have done.

“Somebody’s got to be first and somebody’s got to be last, and, you know, we’re in that scenario right now,” he said.

LCRC is open 24 hours, 7 days a week right now and is located at 147 Resource Lane. Runnett said it is open to everyone, regardless of their income.