RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — A William Fox Elementary parent-organized march beginning at the devastated school and ending at Monroe Park is planned for Saturday, February 26.

The roughly 30-minute walk, organized by Becca Duval, was planned with the goal of advocating for increased funding for all of Virginia’s public schools. Students are planning on following the sidewalk from the remains of Fox Elementary to nearby Monroe Park on the Virginia Commonwealth University campus.

The March to Fund Safe Schools event release said that representatives from the Richmond School Board, City Council, Mayor Stoney’s office, and local and state representatives were invited to participate in the event.

The effort to increase awareness for additional funding for Virginia schools is organized by a broad alliance of Richmond public school parents, along with public school advocacy groups from across the state.

“I’ve been speaking to fellow Virginia parents, and we agree that the fire at Fox Elementary is indicative of a larger problem with our public schools,” DuVal said in the release. “While few are as old as Fox, we are placing our children in buildings with aging and deteriorating infrastructure, and what happened at Fox could happen at any school. Our children form their first real relationships and social connections in these schools, and they have a vested interest in seeing them maintained properly.”

George Wythe High School Alumni and advocate Tisha Erby added, “The fact is, schools are supposed to be safe places for children. But if you’re born in certain zip codes, all you see are cinderblock walls, mold, and disrepair. I don’t want that for my children. I want them inspired. I want them to see their school and say “I want to learn there!”

According to the release, stations will be set up with supplies provided for participants to create their own signs and banners to carry during the march.

The march is planned to begin at 10 a.m. Saturday, Feb. 26 on Hanover Ave., directly in front of William Fox Elementary.

Elected representatives and public school stakeholders are expected to speak once the group reaches the end destination, Monroe Park.

“This is your opportunity to meet with Virginia’s decision-makers face-to-face and let them know of your determination to make certain that the fire at Fox Elementary was a one-time event, and that our children deserve safe schools,” DuVal said.