HENRICO COUNTY, Va. (WRIC) — 8News is shining light on our local frontline fighters. Over the weekend, a VCU Health employee got the surprise of her life when she received help buying her first home.

Kashmira Rogers is a single mother of seven who works 12 to 16-hour shifts at VCU Medical Center. When she is not working in the main operating room — helping patients in and out of surgery — she is at home raising her seven kids alone.

In the midst of the pandemic, Rogers was given a 90-day notice at her previous rental property. She was struggling to find a place to live but a local realtor stepped in.

“I’m not in a place financially where I can say I got thousands of dollars to buy a house,” said Rogers.

Realtor Jasmine Douglas expedited the process — she crunched the numbers, boosted Roger’s credit and within two weeks Rogers was able to buy her dream home; making her dream a reality.

“Coming from where I come from and having to take care of the kids by myself,” cried Rogers. “I’m just grateful.” 

Rogers told 8News that her prayers have been answered.

“I can’t believe that I’m a homeowner. I can’t believe that nobody can take it from me, nobody can put me out. It’s still unreal. I can’t believe that I’m standing up in a house that has my name on it,” Rogers said.

After signing the deed on Friday, Douglas arranged for a Lamborghini to pick-up Rogers and take her to her new home, where she cut a ribbon on the front porch and opened her door for the first time as homeowner.

To Roger’s surprise, all seven of her children were sitting on steps and shouted, “welcome home mom”, holding signs, flowers and candy.

“It’s exciting because I don’t have to walk around knowing that I don’t have a place to sleep,” said Nakyah Scarborough, Roger’s fifteen-year-old daughter.

The last surprise was upstairs. When Rogers went into her room, an artist was painting a mural on her bedroom wall, a place where she can unwind after working countless hours on the frontlines.

“I could very well be the next person to get sick,” said Rogers. “So to be able to come home and have a place that’s comfortable and that’s mine and to have my own space, it’s well needed.