RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) – After the first postcard arrived in March, Mason Cox received four more in over a month. Each postmarked from a different state, but all from the same person – Molly Mae.

“It has my name, correct spelling, exact address, including the apartment number. It was truly meant for my unit. So, it had to just be me. I don’t know what it was me,” said Cox.

The message on the first postcard was written using a typewriter and included instructions for Cox to use his drone to take pictures of Molly Mae’s boss through a window. Cox does have an interest in drones, but that was information he rarely shared and never posted. So, raising the first question, how did Molly Mae know he used drones?

The first postcard from Molly Mae was used with a typewriter and included drone instructions. (Photo: Tess Delano)

As the other postcards arrived, they involved less personal information and more confusing messages. Leaving Cox and his girlfriend, Tess Delano, to ask themselves the next question, “Why are we the ones receiving these postcards?”

Photo: Tess Delano
Photo: Tess Delano
Photo: Tess Delano

The most recent letter arrived a month ago. This one was sent in a card with GPS coordinates and a 20-year-old picture with a message on the back.

Message on back of photo and GPS coordinates (Photo: Tess Delano)

“I did call the picture on the back, like where it was developed, but I couldn’t get an answer,” said Delano.

These GPS coordinates led the couple to a spot in Gillies Creek Park in Richmond. As they drove by the designated location, they found nothing unusual.

While the couple has their theories about who Molly Mae is, they are not the only ones with a spark of interest in this unusual mail delivery. Delano posted about this on social media, and the post went viral. Some people have even tried to help them solve the mystery by going to the GPS coordinates, noticing descriptive details about the stamps/postcards, and sharing their speculations.

The messages may seem obscure, but the couple has found this quite interesting, as long as nothing gets too dangerous. They have yet to file a police report but are still cautious about the mystery mail.
Leaving the most important question, who is Molly Mae?

“Molly Mae, just come forward and tell us who you are. If this is all for fun, we are having fun; we are enjoying it. But, if not, we would like to know who you are just so we can put a stop to it,” said Cox.