RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — One local woman is looking for answers after falling victim to a skimming scam in June.

Teresa Rawlings visited the ATM at Wells Fargo on South Laburnum Avenue on June 27 to withdraw $100 from her account. When her access was denied, she realized that $1,000 dollars had been taken from her account three hours before her visit.

Rawlings told 8News she was holding both of her debit cards in her hand, knowing that she didn’t withdraw the money herself.

Wells Fargo on South Laburnum Avenue in the White Oak Village commercial district. (Photo credit: Rolynn Wilson/ 8News)

“I’m still in awe of how it could happen while I’m holding the card and I have the PIN,” Rawlings said.

Three days after the incident, Wells Fargo provided her with a letter saying, “because the transactions were made using your card and Personal Identification Number (PIN)”… “Please consider your claim closed.”

She says Wells Fargo showed no sense of urgency in her case. She followed up by filing a police report on July 1, requesting the department to pull surveillance footage with the hopes that the suspect would be caught.

It wasn’t until September that the department contacted her saying that she was a victim of skimming – when someone uses devices on card readers to create a copy of the user’s bank information.

8News spoke with Henrico Police who provided the following statement:

On Friday, July 1, 2022, Henrico Police spoke with a woman who called to report a larceny that occurred on June 27, 2022. She stated money was taken out of her bank account without her knowledge, despite none of her bank cards being stolen. During this investigation, our officers have worked with individuals from the banking institution to gather evidence connected to this case. Henrico Police is currently looking into several leads in this ongoing investigation.”

The Henrico Police Department

For now, Rawlings is warning others to stay alert.

“Be aware, watch your accounts at the end of the day, total up,” Rawlings recommended. “Some people put alerts on their phones so that they are made aware of whatever and a transaction is being made and it will come right to their phone.”

A Wells Fargo official said they are still investigating this incident and would get back to 8News soon.