RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — Following the first set of about 400 beagles that were transferred from a local research breeding facility, Richmond plans to welcome some of the dogs to Richmond Animal Care and Control (RACC).

The transfer process started on Thursday when Homeward Trails Animal Rescue in Fairfax County received 21 beagles from the Envigo breeding facility. Of those 21 beagles, Sue Bell with Homeward Trails says about half of them have been placed in foster homes. She continued to say of those places in foster homes, about half of them have been adopted. They expect to receive around 200 more beagles in the next 60 days.

RACC has prepared themselves to take in about 50 beagles this week, but they do not know when they will receive the beagles or if the dogs will be puppies or adults. To make space in the shelter, RACC reduced their adoption fee from $100 to $50.

According to RACC, the beagles will need to undergo a health assessment and normal intake procedures before they are ready to adopt. The dogs will not be placed for adoption immediately. Instead, they will be sent to foster homes.

“Our expectation is that the minute they arrive, they’ll go directly into foster care and then we will assess and get everybody up to speed and then place them up for adoption,” Christie Peters, RACC Director, said. 

When the dogs will be ready for adoption will depend on their health status after being evaluated by veterinarians. Once adoptions are available, RACC will accept emails and direct messages on Instagram and Facebook. They will also continue to post updates on their Facebook.

Before choosing to adopt, RACC wants interested families to consider the dogs’ past, which may require additional training and certain requirements.

“We know we will get at least some adult dogs that have been kept inside for most of their life,” Peters said. “Housebreaking is a definite big issue because they’re not housebroken.” 

“Behaviorally, beagles are really sweet and easy,” Peters added. “The transition is just understanding that they came from the confines and being together. They’re in cages, a lot of them are in cages together.” 

The Humane Society of the United States compromised a list of shelters that are currently finding homes for the dogs, one of which is Homeward Trails in Fairfax County. The dogs’ adoption information can be found on the Homeward Trails website.