RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — A wave of gun violence across the Richmond area has some business owners pleading for change.

Julius Green and his wife have owned Greenbriar Cafe and Coffeehouse on West Main Street for the past eight years and said the area around their shop is usually a tight-knit group. But just down the block from their business on Sunday night, Green heard gunshots instead of fireworks.

“I heard about five shots and then there was a pause and then there were like maybe two maybe three more,” he said.

As he and his family packed up to leave, they heard screams.

“It was a scream afterward and then there was the ruckus and then there was the commotion, so it was a very quick chain of events. We realized ‘Oh man, yea no. That’s not good. There’s nothing good happening right now’,” Green said.

Police identified the victim of the shooting as 36-year-old Kyle Stoner. Stoner was shot and killed just down the street from the Green family’s coffee shop, at City Dogs on West Main Street.

Police confirmed that two others were hurt in the shooting.

Loved ones are now honoring Stoner’s memory with a growing memorial in front of the restaurant. Virginia State Police charged 24-year-old Derrick Adjei in connection with the crime.

Just hours later, police swarmed West Broad Street downtown early Monday morning. Officers were responding to 911 calls saying that six people had been shot near an after-hours club in Richmond.

Two of the victims were hospitalized with life-threatening injuries.

“It’s sad in a lot of ways because it’s just people losing lives over something that honestly is very insignificant in the scheme of things,” Green said.

On Friday night, a man was shot near Custer Street and Third Avenue. He’s expected to be OK.

As fear turns to frustration for many residents, Green is offering up a piece of advice.

“You got problems, you got beef, keep it at home. You know, don’t bring it here. There are a lot of other ways to solve it than bringing that mess out to the streets,” he said.

Richmond police told reporters during Monday’s media briefing that investigators are working hard to solve each case.