RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) – A Richmond store owner tells 8News his store was broken into by protesters during Friday night’s protests over the death of George Floyd.

The owner of 804 Tobacco, Moe Armin, said he watched the entire scene unfold on his phone after getting a notification from his security company.

“I got a text message around 2:18 from my alarm company that someone had broken into the front door,” Armin told 8News.

“I checked my cameras, and I saw a bunch of people slamming once into the store, breaking things, picking up things, shoplifting – that’s not even shoplifting, that’s stealing,” Armin said.

Armin said at one point, he saw at least eight people inside his store stealing items. He says he’s unsure how much damage is left behind but has a message for the people who broke in.

“They took advantage of the riot or the protest. It was supposed to be a peaceful protest against brutality from some cops, but they shouldn’t take it to the point that they harm other people – other civilians.”

804 Tobacco is located on Broad Street one block away from where a GRTC bus caught fire early Saturday morning.