RICHMOND, VA. (WRIC) — A holiday tradition in the Richmond area is back.

Tacky light tours are beginning in dozens of neighborhoods.

Going over the top while decorating Central Virginia homes and yards is an annual tradition for dozens of neighborhoods. It’s not the jolliest experience for many neighbors, however.

“You’ve got the traffic, you’ve got the buses, the limos, and drunks,” said Michele Trogdon, who resides on Wendhurst drive in Glen Allen.

Another neighbor added they weren’t looking forward to the “the trash” and “the noise.”

When the lights turn on, nightly tours will begin in the Wendhurst neighborhood. 

Trogdon told 8News in past years, her car has been hit twice by people on tours. She said one time the driver left. Another time her mailbox was struck and suffered damage.

“We don’t mean to be the Grinch or anything like that,” Trogdon said, “but if you don’t live next to one, you don’t understand it. It’s very difficult, on a day-to-day basis, to be able to deal with this and enjoy our holidays.”

Henrico Police say they’re cracking down on people breaking the law at tacky light tours this year. They say officers will be stationed at some popular sites. Police ask those taking the tours to be respectful of people’s property, including planning out their bathroom breaks.

“My neighbor across the street actually had somebody poop in his yard twice,” Trogdon said.

Police say during the holiday season, drivers should plan for more cars on some roadways, and some roads to be blocked off.

They ask people on tours not to cuss and drive safely, adding that many children live in neighborhoods the lights are displayed.