RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — Over a quarter of a million vehicles on the road in metro Richmond have open recalls, according to new data from CARFAX, and drivers may be unaware of the safety issues.

According to the data from the vehicle history organization, 258,000 vehicles have an open recall near the River City; a chunk of Virginia’s 1.26 million vehicles on the road with open recalls. The statistics also rank Virginia 13th in the nation for actively used vehicles with an open recall.

Wesley Palmer told 8News in North Chesterfield that finding out about the safety issues could be the difference between life and death

“That may even save somebody’s life,” he said after discovering a tool with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to search for recalls on vehicles, including his own 2013 Nissan Rogue.

“Not only would I recommend it for other people, but I’m going to suggest it to people that’s real close to me that they should do the same thing, because the recalls could benefit them,” Palmer said.

Emilie Voss at CARFAX said remedying recalls is “usually an easy fix, and it’s always free to fix. It’s just a matter of time taking it in to the dealership.”

“I think a lot of us put stuff off down the road or we don’t even know a car has an open recall,” Voss added.