RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — 8News spoke with Addie Morales — the actor playing the role of Cosette in the Broadway in Richmond-featured production of Les Misérables — about her experience and her excitement for people to see the show.

“To me, Cosette is the light in the darkness of Les Mis. She helps tell the story of redemption as Jean Valjean,” Morales said. “We follow her story from childhood into adulthood. She also plays a young lover, which is nice in such a deep — and sometimes dark — show.”

Morales also spoke about the enduring musical and the impact that the story continues to have on audiences today.

“The reason Les Mis is still relevant and running is [that] it has to do with redemption, forgiveness, bettering yourself, learning lessons and coming into yourself,” Morales said. “We follow the story of Jean Valjean, who starts as a convict and ends up being a light in a lot of people’s lives.”

When asked if Morales had grown up watching Les Misérables, she said she hadn’t had the opportunity to see a professional production before acting in it.

“But, you know, when you grow up doing musical theatre, you know the classics, you’re spending hours on YouTube looking up every concert,” she said. “I knew a lot of Les Mis growing up.”

Les Misérables is playing at the Altria Theatre from now until Sunday, March 26. For more information, visit the Broadway in Richmond website.