RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — White fluffy chicks no more! The four Richmond Peregrine falcon chicks are just over a month old and have almost fully matured into miniature replicas of their parents. And they are ready for flight.

The Department of Wildlife Resources (DWR) said the chicks are approximately 45 days old, and their white fluffy down has been replaced with “chocolatey brown and buff feathers characteristic of 1st-year peregrine falcons.”

The chicks are now regularly seen “flapping their wings, sprinting across the gravel, and climbing the sides of the pen.” Sounds like the falcon equivalent of the ‘terrible-twos,’ wouldn’t you say?

While these behaviors may be seen as a nightmare for humans, the DWR said they are perfectly acceptable for falcon young, and are actually pretty good indicators that the birds are almost ready for flight.

On Monday, June 13, the DWR rigged the falcon pen with a remote opening mechanism and opened the chick’s doors to the air, making their world unimaginably bigger.

The department said at this stage, the chicks have the strength to fly, but that it can take several days to perfect flight and landing skills.

“By having staff on site during this critical period, we can intervene and get a chick medical attention more quickly in the event of a building collision, grounding, or failed landing attempt,” the Department of Wildlife Resources said online.

The chicks, now known as fledglings, are henceforth free to leave the pen at their leisure. Keep up with the fledglings with the Department of Wildlife Resources Richmond Falcon Cam online.