Arrest made after driver assaulted, robbed in Richmond's Fan District

Richmond Police investigating incident

RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) -- A late night dance party in the middle of a Richmond neighborhood ended with punches and a man in the hospital. 

Video of the incident shows several cars blocking the intersection, located at the corner of Allison Street and Grace Street, and forcing cars to drive around the party. 

The video continues, showing a man being pulled out of his van and getting punched. Police later said one of the suspects also took the victim's cell phone.

Richmond Police arrested Ronald S. Young, a 26-year old from Richmond, for robbery on Friday. He has been charged with robbery and additional charges could be coming as the investigation continues. 

“Detectives were able to make this arrest with the help of a citizen who recorded the incident on her cell phone and called 911,” said RPD Chief Alfred Durham. “I want to thank her for her quick action, which summoned officers to the scene within minutes and gave detectives valuable visual evidence of the robbery as it occurred.”

Police told 8News they are investigating the incident as an assault and robbery after the man was taken to the hospital early Sunday morning with non-life threatening injuries. 

On Wednesday, investigators released photos of the suspects, who they say fled the scene both on foot and in a bright orange Ford Mustang sedan. The two suspects were described as black males between the age of 25-30. 


After the dance party turned into a brawl, 8News spoke with residents in the area who say they are tired of all the fighting. 

"A lot of loud music, people dancing in the street," said Corinne Rose, a resident of the area who witnessed the incident. "Almost sort of riot-like."  

Horns hocked as people and cars blocked the intersection.

"And it was really only those three or four guys," Rose said. "And I didn't know if it was from a party across the street or what was going on."

Minutes after the video starts, the footage shows a van trying to move around the cars. An unknown individual then tries to pull the driver of the van out. Fists start flying and the driver ends up on the ground. 

Rose told 8News that what happened early Sunday morning isn't surprising. 

"Almost every weekend there's people screaming, couples fighting down the block," said Rose. "People walk up and down this street from bars, there are always fights happening." 

Residents aren't the only ones who are fed up. Richmond City Council member Kim Gray has received several complaints about the area for the last several months. 

"About people blocking the roadway," Gray said, "getting in front of cars and have words with the drivers."

"Noise, waking up the neighborhood when the club lets out. Trash, umm hit and runs," said Gray. 

Councilwoman Gray told 8News she is working with Richmond Police and Code Enforcement to address these issues. 

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