RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — Attorney General Mark Herring filed a brief with the Supreme Court to request that they dissolve the injunction currently blocking the removal of the Robert E. Lee Monument in Richmond. Herring wants the Supreme Court to uphold the Richmond Circuit Court’s October ruling that deemed removal of the statue lawful.

The attorney general’s brief lists reasons why Herring believes Lee can and should be taken down.

“The Lee statue has held a place of prominence in the capital of Virginia, sending a message of white supremacy and division, for far too long and it is time for it to come down” said Attorney General Herring. “The continued obstruction that has so far prohibited the Commonwealth from exercising its right to remove state-owned property must stop. I remain committed to ensuring that this stark reminder of a racist past comes down, allowing Virginia to move forward on its journey of healing and reconciliation.”

According to Herring’s release, other briefs will be submitted by advocates and scholars to echo calls for the statue’s removal.