RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — The GRTC Transit System has announced minor traffic delays and impacts on service are to be expected throughout Broad Street due to a continuation in bus lane painting.

The Richmond Department of Public Works will be reapplying the BUS ONLY wording in the red-colored bus-only lanes on Broad Street. Painting begins Monday, Aug. 15, and will continue “until work is complete,” GRTC announced. No end date was specified.

The first phase of the work will begin downtown around Broad Street and 3rd Street and will continue west up Broad to the Interstate 195 Bridge by Scotts Addition, before heading east back down the opposite side of the road and coming to an end around Broad and 3rd.

GRTC Pulse plans to provide curbside transit service at adjacent local, marked bus stops in mixed flow traffic where work is occurring.

Alternative Stops (Westbound)

Arts District westbound station — Use Stop #440 (Broad + Adams)

VCU & VUU westbound station — Use Stop #2487 (Broad + Hancock)

Allison Street westbound station — Use Stop #453 (Broad + Meadow) 

Science Museum westbound station — Use Stop #460 (Broad + Robinson)

Scott’s Addition westbound station — Use Stop #477 (Broad + Summit)

Alternative Stops (Eastbound)

Scott’s Addition eastbound station — Use Stop #393 (Broad + Belmont)

Science Museum eastbound station — Use Stop #459 (Broad + Robinson)

Allison Street eastbound station — Use Stop #391 (Broad + Allison)

VCU & VUU eastbound station — Use Stop #432 (Broad + Shafer)

Arts District eastbound station — Use Stop #385 (Broad + Adams)