RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — On New Year’s Day, Richmond residents gathered in the parking lot of a 7-Eleven on Cary Street to celebrate the 15th annual cone parade, promising to bring positive energy to the city.

“It is essentially our New Year’s Day gift and offering to Carytown: our beloved shops, our beloved people,” said Nick Lasky, a local psychic and the parade’s marshal.

Cones dressed for the parade in Carytown. (Photo: Amir Massenburg/WRIC)

The parade, which is sponsored by local new age bookshop the Aquarian, has been going on for fifteen years, with local residents gathering in homemade cone costumes decorated whimsically.

“It’s a time of fun, it’s a time of wild creativity,” Lasky said. “It doesn’t make any logical sense but nevertheless we’re doing it and this is the 15th year.”

Why cones? The shape, Lasky said, was chosen to “channel the spiralic energy of nature.”

“A lot of times we think we’re spinning around our sun in a circle, but our sun is spiraling through our galaxy,” Lasky said.