Carytown residents receive tickets for parking in usual spaces, calls on city leaders for clearer signs


RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC)—Some Carytown residents are frustrated about receiving tickets for parking in their usual spots.

Richmond Police said officers issued 26 parking citations to residents last Friday after a citizen made a parking complaint. Police said the tickets were mostly for drivers who parked to close to an intersection.

According to section code 46.2- 1239, “No person shall park a vehicle or permit it to stand, whether attended or unattended, within 20 feet from the intersection of curb lines…”

The Carytown South Civic Association Board sent a letter to councilwoman Stephanie Lynch asking for city leaders to place curb paint or signs indicating ‘no parking’ in spaces where people shouldn’t leave their cars.

Although some residents weren’t aware of this code previously, police are still able to issue citations to cars parked in spaces without posted signs because it’s state law.

Melissa Gray, who was issued a $40 fine Friday, said she parked less than 20 feet from an alleyway entrance on Parkwood Avenue.

“This $40 is just the city trying to take $40 out of my bank account. They don’t need to make money this way,” she said.

She’s lived on Parkwood Avenue for 12 years and has never received a ticket for parking in that spot.

Gray also noted no sign indicating people cannot park there.

“A sign on the pole is the simplest form of communication the city has. I’ve really been noticing how inconsistent the policy is,” she said.

Todd Schall-Vess, who’s lived in Carytown for over 20 years, said he received a citation for parking near an alleyway by a storage facility.

“What we need is useful, clear action from the city,” he said.

Schall-Vess is calling for city leaders to be consistent with enforcing the parking violations and ensuring residents understand the state law.

“We need them to say this is how we’re going to change the markings and this is how we’re going to enforce it going forward. I don’t feel like any of us feel like that is the case,” he said.

Gray said she plans to appeal the citation, however Schall-Vess is considering paying the penalty to avoid inconvenience.

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