RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — The memorial set up for Tommie, a pit-bull that was set on fire and tied to a fence, is in danger of being taken down due to renovations being done at Abner Clay Park.

The company in charge of renovations is asking for the community to step up and preserve Tommie’s memorial before they’re forced to move it.

A nearby resident spoke with 8News on Thursday about the decision.

“Horribly upsetting,” Christine Wener said. “We walk by that spot every day, twice a day and it was heartbreaking.”

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The person in charge of the renovations, Chris Kelm, said they are hoping to find a way to keep the memorial for people.

“We’ve done a pretty good job of staying away from it. We have plenty of work to do. That’s kind of why we’re waiting to see if anybody will come forward. Take responsibility for it because we know the effort and the time that people have put into the memorial for Tommie,” Kelm told 8News.

Vintage Rose Construction Inc. started working on the property in late September. The company is turning to the community to see how Tommie’s memorial can be preserved.

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“We just don’t want to go in there and destroy it. Our job is to make the park a better place where everybody wants to come. If we start destroying stuff and the community starts to get upset, what have we really done,” Kelm continued.

Kelm said that people interested in helping take down the memorial can reach out to the city or parks and recreation.