RICHMOND, (WRIC) – Exciting news for music and entertainment lovers, construction is ramping up for the Richmond amphitheater this week – fencing is being installed around the four-acre property to secure the area for building. 

Wendy Jenkins said when she heard the sounds of drilling and hammering while walking by the property near Brown’s Island in downtown Richmond, her face lit up. 

“This has the best view of the city and I think it’s going to bring a lot of people out to the downtown area,” said Jenkins. “It’s going to be a wonderful amenity for the city.”

The $30 million amphitheater will be located along South 2nd Street between Tredegar and the filled-in portion of the Kanawha Canal – the curved hillside making it a perfect pitch for concerts, festivals and graduation ceremonies. 

The developer, Red Light Ventures, reached a 20-year performance grant agreement with the city to help finance the venue – officially getting the green light in June. 

The development group’s founder, Coran Capshaw, said in a statement “Many famous singers and groups have bypassed Richmond as tour stops, due to a lack of a suitable venue.”

“I’m hoping it will bring some more popular artists our way. I think we have a great music scene in the city and I think this will just make it better,” said Jenkins. 

The amphitheater will host 25-35 big-ticketed events a year – and is expected to be completed in Spring 2025, just in time for concert season.