RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — The Richmond Redevelopment and Housing Authority held meetings on Wednesday to update the community on the rebuilding of Creighton Court.

RRHA has set a two-year timeline to demolish and rebuild Creighton Court. Officials are encouraging those living there to complete a resident assessment to address their relocation preferences.

Residents have the option of selecting a project-based voucher, tenant protection voucher or return to the newly redeveloped Creighton Court after construction.

Temporary relocations of residents are in place — and Angela Fountain of RRHA said the development will be broken into three phases, with 68 new affordable housing units being built in ‘Phase 1.’

“The Creighton Court community is going to be totally transformed. Everything is going to be new,” Fountain said. “We are making sure that no one is displaced. Everyone will have a place.”

Some residents began relocation this spring and RHHA emphasized at Wednesday’s meeting that others need to complete their resident assessment to find the relocation method that best suits their needs.

In Wednesday’s presentation, officials said the window to do the assessments was large to allow people who need it more preparation time before relocating.

Construction begins in 2022 and new homes are slated to be available in 2023.

RRHA Creighton Court construction timeline

Fountain admitted some residents are not happy with the changes. She said RRHA is trying to make the process as easy as it can be for those currently living in Creighton Court — and addressed those with concerns that the construction and redevelopment will promote gentrification.

“We know that we are doing the right thing and that helps us to sleep at night,” Fountain said after being asked about residents who are not in favor of the changes. “We know that we are providing a better standard of quality of life for our families. So we push on.”

She said RRHA continues to try to assist residents as opposed to put them in difficult situations, listing the lease enforcement moratorium that was in effect since November 2019.

With over 4,000 families in RRHA housing, Fountain said the fresh look to Creighton Court will be a mindset change for residents.

“A lot of times there is a stigma with families that live in public housing,” Fountain said. “Them moving into a community where they have access to the same services is a great thing and it opens doorways and gets people thinking differently. It is a total transformation. It is not just transformation of buildings. It is the transformation of lives.”

The next meeting is at 6 p.m. on Wednesday using the Zoom I.D. and code below. | Meeting ID: 982 6250 2968 | Passcode: 23223