RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — The Monday night school board meeting for Richmond Public Schools will provide several administrative business updates on schools around the area.

The first topic on the agenda for Monday, Dec. 5 is an update on the curriculum task force. Nearly 1,000 teachers weighed in on Richmond Public Schools’ K-8 math, science and reading curriculum from Sept. 12 to the 26 for a survey conducted by the school district. The survey asked about the programs used by the division to teach students the core subjects.

The following steps will be addressed at the school board meeting, including finalizing recommendations, determining any budgetary impact and consulting with the Virginia Department of Education.

The school board will also provide design updates for George Wythe High School. Topics will include design, programming, early site work packages and the Dominion Power Easement. A community engagement meeting for Wythe will be held Tuesday, Dec. 6.

The meeting will allow stakeholders to have an opportunity to vote on the interior color palette for Wythe, learn more about the design progress and provide feedback for the alumni memorabilia showcase.

Renovations on William Fox Elementary School, such as a permanent roof and interior work, are also on the agenda for tonight’s meeting. A community engagement meeting for Fox will be scheduled for January to discuss the design updates and project timelines. The dates and location have yet to be determined.