RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — Parents, whether your teen is looking for a summer job, internship or thinking ahead about college, a new digital tool could help.

It’s called spikeview. It’s sort of a LinkedIn for teens. The free app is safe place for kids to create their own narrative as well organize their interests, activities and awards.

High school senior Thomas Loera uses spikeview to create an online portfolio. “On my profile, I put my accomplishments and my recommendations,” he said.

Loera is from Oakland, California. He first began tracking his awards and experiences on spikeview after working with the nonprofit, Higher Ground. He showed us more of his profile. He noted, “Business, track and field, I speak a foreign language.” Loera shared his spikeview portfolio digitally with a college admissions board. “I finally got accepted into San Francisco State University.”

Richmonder Andy Boenau is chief marketing officer for spikeview. He said, “It takes a lot of the guesswork out from either the employers side or the college admissions.”

Screenshots of Thomas Loera’s digital portfolio on spikeview (photos provided to 8News).

Boenau says spikeview lets kids catalog their interests, job experience, books the read and more. They have even post videos or photos of their activities.

“You have all these dots in life,” said Boenau.

Boenau tells 8News the app lets teens connect the dots and start to draw lines between what really motivates them. He said, “It offers this completely private, safe place, you might say for a young person to sort out, who am I?”

The information gathered in a teen’s portfolio can then be used to create a custom link that can be shared with a potential employer or college. “It’s your Fort Knox for all your information and if you want, you get to decide which gold nugget comes out from time to time,” explained Boenau.

Parents control what information is shared. We’re told you can trust their child’s data won’t be sold to anyone.