RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — Dominion Energy plans to fill its vacant block in downtown Richmond with a “clean energy park” with green space, walking paths and nearly 30 electric vehicle charging spaces available 24/7.

The park will be built in the vacant plot at 700 East Canal Street that was initially meant for Dominion’s second corporate headquarters tower before the company scrapped those plans.

Dominion says the “clean, energy, zero emissions hub” will feature fast chargers for electric vehicles, a solar canopy, and enough space for food trucks, farmers markets and small events.

“This project brings together two themes that are key to our vision of building a clean energy future: innovation and sustainability,” a company spokesperson wrote in an email.

An architectural rendering of Dominion Energy’s “clean energy park.” (photo: Dominion Energy)

The hub will be open 24/7 for those trying to charge their electric vehicles, but it will come at a cost, and drivers who park their non-charging vehicles in the lot could have their cars towed.

While the price will be set by Electric Vehicle Service Providers, the company operating the 28-29 EV charging spaces, Dominion claims the typical market competitive price “ranges from $0.25/kWh to $0.45/kWh, or approximately $10 for 100 miles of range added.”

Dominion says the site will have “level 3 fast chargers” that could provide over 200 miles of charge in 15 minutes. But how fast a charge will take will depend on the vehicle and charging equipment.

The site could also accommodate urban wind turbines, an urban battery storage facility and have the potential to capture rainwater for irrigation, according to the company.

The energy giant hopes to start construction in 2023 and complete a substantial part of the project within the first three months of 2024.

Dominion’s project needs to get regulatory and permitting approval from the city. The project is still in the design process and Dominion is starting the required special use permit process, according to the spokesperson.