RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — Scott Waters’ vape shop, Driply Vapes, has never been robbed — until Wednesday night.

According to police, just after 11 p.m. on Oct. 12, a suspect went into Driply Vapes, located at 518 West Grace Street in Richmond, and demanded that an employee open the register. Waters said the suspect apparently had a firearm but did not take it out during the robbery. The employee gave the suspect $64 in cash.

The suspect then allegedly told the people in the store to go behind the wall into the break area. Shortly after, the suspect reportedly took two SunnyD bottles and left the shop, police said.

According to Richmond Police, there have been five robberies in the area so far this year. Waters believes his store was a target for robbery because of rising crime in the city.

Photo: 8News

“In the last, probably, year or so, every store, Dominos, Rite Aid, the convenience store across the street have all been victims to some form of an armed robbery,” Waters said.

On Tuesday night, a local 7-Eleven store was also robbed, according to Richmond Police. An employee at that location declined to comment about the robbery to 8News.

Waters said he wishes more police officers would patrol the area.

“In my six years being here, I’ve seen such a decrease in the amount of police presence, specifically on this block. I think that’s what is contributing to the increasing crime in this area,” the business owner explained.

Waters also said the recent crime rates in Richmond have motivated him to move his shop and consider changing the business hours and closing earlier.

The Richmond Police Department is asking anyone who may recognize the suspect in the surveillance video or who has more information to contact them at 804-646-5100.