RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — Richmond will soon enforce a two-hour time limit for parking spaces in the city’s central business district on Saturdays.

The city announced the changes on Wednesday, citing a benefit for business owners and for people trying to find a parking spot.

The Department of Public Works (DPW) told 8News Thursday the goal is to “increase activity in that area on weekends for businesses.”

The owner of Janet Interiors on Arthur Ashe Boulevard, Janet Brown, said the ongoing construction and traffic have created more problems.

“This is a retail area and we need the parking for our clients,” she said.

The new parking regulations will soon come to Arthur Ashe Boulevard from Broad Street to Moore Street, Belvidere Street to Interstate 95 and Leigh Street to Franklin Street.

Betty Cochrane, who travels to Scott’s Addition often, said two hours isn’t enough time.

“It could take two hours at least just to get to a restaurant and eat. Maybe they’re slow and there’s no way you’re going to be done in two hours. Or if you want to shop or do other things, it just isn’t long enough,” she said.

Brown said she wants the city to enforce the time limit because it impacts her business on the weekend.

“If you want to run in and do some shopping, if there’s no parking, you may just drive on and go to another area,” she said.

The DPW said the time-restricted parking spaces will be enforced with a $25 fine. But Cochrane said the city should focus its attention on other things.

“I think it might be a money maker for the city and surely they could come up with something better,” she said.

The changes take effect next Saturday, October 15th. There’s a two-week grace period, but after that drivers who exceed the time limit could end up facing a violation.