RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — If Duke’s Mayo has been the sole mayonnaise brand trusted in generations of your family’s secret recipes — and if you and your grandma would get matching tattoos — this contest is for you.

The mayonnaise brand featuring a little southern twang has announced a contest for true Duke’s lovers. The lovers who have long-since crossed out ‘generic mayo’ on recipes, and inserted ‘Duke’s.’ The families who, since the brand’s establishment, will walk out of the grocery store empty-handed in search of the only mayo deemed worthy of grandma’s famous potato salad.

If this sounds like you and your own — and your Duke’s-loving great-aunt Sally has always had a hankering for a tattoo but was never quite sure what she wanted — click here to enter for your chance at free custom Duke’s Mayo tattoos.

Contest Rules

The rules are easy. Duke’s is looking for stories in which a family’s love for the mayo brand has been passed down through generations, or stand-out stories about how you first discovered Duke’s… and never looked back.

Duke’s Mayo is holding a contest for those with the best stories of love for Duke’s passed through the generations. The prize? Free Duke’s-themed tattoos. (Photo: Duke’s)

Participants must be 18 years old or older to be tattooed. All submitted stories will be reviewed by Duke’s and those chosen by the brand as most compelling will be selected to receive a free Duke’s Mayo-themed tattoo — custom-drawn to the individual story.

Tattoos will be done by artists at Yellow Bird Tattoo, located at 2402 West Main Street in Richmond, Va. But you aren’t required to live in the city to enter and win. Duke’s Mayo says participants living within a two-hour drive of Richmond could even receive a $250 travel voucher.

This isn’t the first time Duke’s has partnered with Yellow Bird Tattoo shop. In 2022, the shop held a pop-up event allowing Duke’s lovers to sign up to receive a pre-drawn mayo-themed tattoo of their choosing.

The contest deadline is Oct. 12 at midnight. Tattoos will be scheduled for sometime between Nov. 10 through Nov. 17 — the exact date is to be determined.