RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — Bolt’s bumblebee-colored electric scooters are bolting from the streets of Richmond after the service chose not to renew its permit with the city, which ended on August 1.

Lauren Wyllie, a resident of Richmond, said she doesn’t know why Bolt left, but thinks changing the 9 p.m. curfew currently imposed on riders who wish to use the scooters might help companies profit more.

“It seems a little silly to have a curfew on something that would be kind of a bit public transportation-esque,” Wylie said.

The Bolt scooters have been used to ride around Richmond since 2019. Dironna Moore, the director of Richmond’s Office of Equitable Transit and Mobility, told 8news that companies can have up to 500 scooters or bikes deployed at a yearly price of $45,000, the highest scooter permit rates in the state.

Now, e-scooter companies Bird and Lime are the only two left standing after Bolt’s exit.

Wylie said it is possible there is a higher need for people to use the scooters during later hours of the day.

“To get from point A to point B, it’s a lot quicker sometimes. It’s more convenient sometimes. They are usually right here. You don’t have to wait for a taxi or a bus,” Wylie said.

Other cities with e-scooter operations do not implement curfews for their usage. Richmond plans to have a soft launch for about 200 new e-scooters next week. There are also plans to expand bike-sharing options in Southside Richmond.