RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — A five-month-old puppy is now dead after being shot multiple times in Richmond, according to Richmond Animal Care and Control (RACC).

The male puppy was found on Monday, Nov. 7 in the 2000 block of Accommodation Street, near the Mosby Court area. RACC said the puppy had been shot four times and died before he was able to be saved.

Christy Chipps-Peters, the Director of Richmond Animal Care and Control, says unfortunately this type of thing happens all too often. 

“I would say that we have dogs that are shot in the city that we respond to five times a year, at least. It’s not an uncommon situation. We’ve seen an increase in violent crimes with animals lately.” 

RACC said the puppy was a tan and white pit bull mix wearing a green camo nylon collar. Actual photos of the puppy were withheld by RACC due to their graphic content, but are posted in the RACC Medical Pics Facebook group.

Now officials say they will start investigating to find out exactly what happened.  

“So, now we will canvas the area. We’ve asked for information and hopefully, we will get what we need to close the case” Peters said. 

X-Ray photos show three bullets in the puppy’s body, and one in its head.

Peters wants the community not to be afraid to speak up.  

“The only thing I would add is for people to see something, to please say something and contact us. It really just takes one person knowing who this dog is to help put the pieces together.” 

Richmond Animal Care and Control is asking those who may have information on the shooting, or the puppy, to call 804-646-5573, email or contact the Richmond Police Department.

This report was written with additional reporting by 8News Reporter Alexis Bellamy.