RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) —  William Fox Elementary students will soon be moved from First Baptist Church to Clark Springs Elementary to fulfill the remainder of the school year.

Fox students had been attending classes at First Baptist while the Clark Springs Elementary School facilities were repaired and upgraded.

Last month, 8News reported that there were issues of mold and asbestos found in the building. Recent mold re-testing revealed all spaces but the nurses office were clear, but the building has more issues that will need to be addressed –such as the roof and auditorium flooring needing to be replaced– before the students are able to attend.

The total cost of repairs and renovations at Clark Springs are expected to be around $760,000.

A survey conducted by the school administration found that 69% of teachers and 75% of parents said they wanted to move to Clark Springs as soon as possible.

Keri Treadway is a Fox Elementary Union Representative and has taught at Fox Elementary for 18 years. She spoke at the school board meeting Monday night, asking the board to allow teachers more time to pack, move and set up their new classrooms. The previous proposal by Superintendent Jason Kamras gave the teachers three days.

“There are no words to express the overwhelming stress and fatigue that we’ve all experienced these past few months. We lost everything, absolutely everything. Our entire life’s work was destroyed, and we are literally starting from scratch.”

According to a staff survey, 34.5% of teachers said they would need three days to make the move to Clark Springs and set up their classrooms, 32.8% said four days, and 32.8% said they would need five days. Over 65% of staff voted in favor of having more than three days.

Staff survey results showing how many days needed to move/pack

During the school board meeting Monday night, the board voted in favor of adding an additional day for Fox staff to get their new classrooms at Clark Springs ready.

The last day of school at First Baptist is Friday, April 29. Teachers will have May 2, 4, 5, and 6 as days to pack, move, and set up their new classrooms. May 3 is a school holiday.

The first day of class at Clark Springs will be on Monday, May 9.