RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — William Fox Elementary students will be returning to in-person learning on Monday, March 21, following a unanimous Richmond Public School Board vote on Monday.

The chosen temporary location will be Richmond’s First Baptist Church on Monument Avenue. All of the board members expressed their appreciation for First Baptist’s generosity in offering to take Fox students in.

“It just made my heart warm to know that there was a facility like this that took in our children and said they don’t want any money,” said 2nd district board member, Mariah White.

There was some uncertainty, during the board meeting, as to whether or not it was the board’s right to approve the proposal. 3rd district board member, Kenya Gibson, argued that the decision to move to First Baptist was entirely in the hands of Fox Elementary’s administration.

“Deciding about a temporary space is ultimately not a board decision,” said Gibson. “There is no need for a vote; this is something that can and should move forward.”

The board ultimately decided to vote anyway in order to show support for the decision and prevent any possible slowing of the decision process.